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Email Birthday Party Planner:

​714 658 9233

Welcome to Blue Ribbon Saddle Club Pony Parties!  

We have  options to make your celebration special.

5 horses are used for parties: up to 10* riders



The large group is split in half for two 30 minute trail  rides



            Awesome for smaller groups up to about 5* riders



 (if there is room for our 6 horse slant trailer to maneuver)




The option you choose will depend on riders’ ages and the number of riders. 

Some carpooling is suggested so parties can start on time.

Designate a couple guests to take photos during the party.

For all parties B-day moms bring:

plain iced  cupcakes,  small waters, wet naps, couple beach blankets to sit on

Blue Ribbon supplies the rest:

All quality, western party favors and crafts,  candy,   plates, candles.

A balloon bouquet is given to the birthday child at the end of all parties.


        The Back Bay Trail is about 20 feet wide:  one-half is gravel for horses and          the other half  is a blacktop sidewalk for walkers, runners, bikers, strollers. 



  Everyone gathers around the horses.  Trainers introduce the horses 

and show how to groom, care, feed and CALMLY act around horses. 

Riders get to try out grooming tools-then it's time to ride!


                                            DUCK POND TRAIL RIDE PARTIES:                                   Invite up to 10* riders.   Riders are split into 2 groups. 

       Group 1 "goes on trail" while  Group 2 enjoys a Treasure Hunt for party favors           in an awesome  garden maze and make impressive horse related crafts.  

                   When Group 1 returns (35 minutes) the groups switch activities.                         The B-day Party Child  will be able to ride for both sessions if you invite 9* riders.        When everyone returns--we sing happy birthday and serve your cupcakes decorated with my western toppers (photo below). 

 Last Activity:  Crafts, and gift bags are displayed  on a wall so riders can stand behind their loot as parents take photos.  


MAGIC TREE TRAIL RIDE PARTIES!! Invite up to 5* riders.

Greet families at the barn as they arrive--collect presents and put them in your car. 

Bring as little to carry as possible on trail.  Leave purses and cowgirl hats in the car.

After introductions and grooming,  riders are helped up on a horse and off we go--leadline.  

(Late comers can catch up to us as we ride West on Mesa Drive toward the Newport Winery and golf course.    After about 2/3's of trail riding--we stop at an amazing  magical tree and a have  a Treasure Hunt for party favors and a western floral craft.  Next  sing happy birthday and serve your cupcakes decorated with my western toppers (photo below). Then we pack up and head home.  (In the meantime--assistants need to hold horses on the trail--there is no place to tie up--so we try to keep the tree time to 15 minutes).  When we return to the barn, crafts, and gift bags are displayed  on a fence so riders can stand behind their loot as parents take more photos. Some parents continue the party at the park with bagged lunches.


Guests: Grandparents and b-day mom's best friend are invited.   (No dogs or balloons please.)       

Your guest list:   A parent of young riders usually stays for the whole party and walks with us.

The walk is beautiful!  We  appreciate  guests to walk along  and keep  an  eye on riders who may not keep tall and centered posture.  Lead line and spotting help is encouraged for safety reasons.

Parents who bring all of their children when they drop off their "invited child" usually stay for the 1st 15 minutes to greet the ponies--then leave and return the last 15 minutes and perhaps have a cupcake.                                                     FOOD: Please no food and snacks while riding and crafting.  


                                Write on invitation:  Riders: please use bathroom                                     (Burger King is on the corner) before you come.  

              Bring your bike helmet.     Wear pants.    Riders and Guests:

Wear boots or sneakers-no sandals.



EMAIL  me basic info:  (not text)

                           1) select which trial ride plan , number of riders,                                                favorite dates.   name and new age of b-day child, 


                         Later: email me a 1ST NAME ONLY LIST OF POSSIBLE RIDERS--                                             indicate basic ages and girl or boy. We supply and label all the horse related  party favors which  are gender and age appropriate.  


                     Price is $450 for Duck Pond  and Magic Tree Party. Parties are generally on                       Saturday or Sunday  for approximately 1 3/4 hours  usually starting at about 1pm.                                                              Discuss  B-day family arrival time.                                                                      We ask that guests not come early because lessons are finishing up,                         or we are  saddling up horses,  putting  horses away and preparing for the party.  

               Bring carrots and apples when you come for an appointment with your $200                                    deposit that confirms your party date and time.  (During the party--                          horses will have metals bits in their mouths and will not be allowed to eat.)

Toppers I will use  to decorate your cupcakes.Pony 

Blue Ribbon supplies all party favors, candy,  plates, candles, lighter.

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